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On the afternoon of March 16, Tsang Wai-hung, President of the BFA Global Economic Development and Security Forum (GEDS), came all the way to the office of the GEDS Organizing Committee after the “two sessions”. He was briefed the preparations for the second GEDS conference by the Special Advisor Ma Weiya, the Executive Director Zhao Song, and the Deputy Executive Director Lu Chuyang.

President Tsang spoke highly of the preparatory work for the second conference, and pointed out that the first conference was a big success with good response from China and beyond. Guided by the BFA Secretariat, the Organizing Committee should learn from the past and conduct in-depth analysis and research on the economic security situation this year. We should base ourselves on Asia with a global perspective, and make the second conference better and more fruitful, so as to make due contributions to orderly and sustainable development of Asian and global economy.

After the meeting, President Tsang met BFA Secretary-General Li Baodong at the Secretariat, and listened to the suggestions on preparations for the second conference.

Now, all the work are under way in order.

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