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On July 10th, Zhu Changjie, Vice-chairman of the Police Association of China,together with three senior officials visited the office of the Organizing Committee of Global Economic Development and Security (GEDS) Forum in Beijing.

The meeting was presided over by Ma Weiya, the Special Advisor of GEDS forum. Mr. Ma extended his welcome to Vice-chairman Zhu Changjie, Secretary General Zong Shengli, Director Chen Xiaobo and Deputy Director Zhang Shuyan, and expressed his appreciation for the support from the Association to be the co-organizer of the forum. During the meeting, Executive Director Zhao Song and Deputy Director Lu Chuyang reviewed the first GEDS Conference and introduced the preparations of second conference. The Special Advisor Ma Weiya offered suggestions on how to strengthen cooperation with the Police Association of China and design agenda of the sub-forum, thus making joint efforts to ensure the second conference a big success.

Vice-chairman Zhu Changjie made a brief introduction of the Police Association of China, and stressed their value on the cooperation on the sub-forum. Valuable opinions on the preparatory work of the sub-forum were also put forward. Secretary-General Zong Shengli and Director Chen Xiaobo discussed the subjects, topics, guests of the sub-forum with the Organizing Committee. They pointed out that they will continue to work together with the Organizing Committee to make this sub-forum a hit and add splendor to the second GEDS conference.

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