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Corporate Member of the BFA

Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca


我们持续投资并加大合作,为全球患者带来先进的疗法,这包括在细胞、基因和 RNA 疗法及表观遗传学等领域共同推动下一代的科学和技术突破。在中国,我们与诚益生物就处于临床研究阶段的GLP-1受体激动剂达成授权协议,彰显了阿斯利康致力于满足心血管代谢疾病和肥胖症患者(全球已超过10亿人)未被满足的巨大需求。除此之外,近期收购亘喜生物将进一步探索细胞疗法重置自身免疫疾病免疫反应的潜力。


Collaborations foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise, sparking new insights and approaches unlikely to emerge from independent or individual efforts.

At AstraZeneca, we continuously invest in collaborative endeavors to deliver advances to patients around the world. This includes collaborations to drive the next generation of scientific and technology breakthroughs, including in new modalities such as cell, gene and RNA therapies, as well as in fields such as epigenetics.

Here in China, we partner extensively with companies in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. For example, our recent licensing agreement with Eccogene on GLP-1RA underscores our commitment to addressing the high unmet need of people living with cardiometabolic conditions and obesity, a population that already exceeds one billion people globally. Additionally, our recent acquisition of Gracell Biotechnologies explors the potential for cell therapy to reset the immune response in autoimmune diseases.

These are just a few examples of what I strongly believe exemplifies the power and potential of collaboration, and it is why AstraZeneca remains on the lookout for new partners with cutting-edge technologies and innovations with the potential to transform the lives of patients. Collaboration is critical to scientific discovery, across the public and private sector as well as across countries globally.Collaboration


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