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vivo 执行副总裁、首席运营官

HU Baishan

Corporate Member of the BFA

Executive Vice President & COO, vivo



In my view, 2024 will continue the rapid momentum of 2023, with the hottest terms in technological innovation still being “AI” or, to be more specific, “AI Large Models”. Speaking for vivo, we established our AI Global Research Institute back in 2018, with a nearly thousand-strong AI R&D team, and released BlueLM last November. vivo’s BlueLM V smart assistant has also brought AI large models into thousands of households, helping ordinary people to  step into the AI era more swiftly.

“New Quality Productive Forces” is another key buzzword. It represents a new type of high-quality productivity that signifies new technologies, creates new values, adapts to new industries, and reshapes new dynamics. It is a powerful driver for the real economy to shift towards high-quality development. The mobile phone industry is a natural benchmark for the integration of digital and real economies. We believe that existing products, such as mobile phones, earphones, watches, and glasses, are likely to evolve into integrated smart terminals that people carry with them in the future, carrying the capabilities provided by artificial intelligence with them, essentially becoming invisible robots. Moreover, vivo is optimistic about humanoid robots, which may have broad development prospects in areas such as elderly care, education, and healthcare.


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