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ZHANG Jianqiu

CEO of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.



Innovation is a perpetual force driving social development. It is also driving enterprises to make the transition from rapid growth to sustained growth. As a traditional industry, the dairy industry required both innovation and the unleashing of productivity as it transitioned from an investment-heavy, extensive-growth model to a high-efficiency one. As a quintessential representative of this reality, Yili has firmly grasped opportunities for innovation and kept up with technological innovations in all its endeavors, allowing it to manage any situation that it encounters. It promotes industrial innovation through technological innovation, thereby achieving a productivity leap in its entire industrial chain.

For years, Yili has seen innovation as an important strategy to drive its development. China’s only national-level dairy technology innovation center is headquartered in Hohhot City. Yili has also set up 15 innovation centers in Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. It has formed an innovation chain “from a blade of grass to a cup of milk,” which addresses the technical bottlenecks of the entire industry chain, accelerates the transformation and application of technological achievements, and enhances the core competitiveness of the industry.

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