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Hannah QIU

SVP; China CEO, PayPal



Artificial Intelligence has been an undisputed “hot topic” in recent years, and attention is set to continue into 2024. Breakthroughs in AI applications have sparked a new global storm, with phenomenal applications like ChatGPT and Sora dazzling the world. The widespread use of AIGC in technology and business sectors will inevitably bring disruptive changes to all industries. At the beginning of 2024, PayPal officially launched several innovative initiatives, with applications based on artificial intelligence technology being an essential part of these.

Chinese enterprises have increasingly become internationally competitive, and the trend of going global continues to rise. Various new forms and models of foreign trade have injected new energy and vitality into the Chinese economy. Among these, cross-border e-commerce is the fastest-growing and has the most potential to form an influential new model of foreign trade. The cross-border payment sector is also  rapidly developing. PayPal provides payment services to approximately 35 million merchants globally.

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